Neptune Kitchens

Guaranteed to last a lifetime

The kitchen is the heart of the home; the focal point where families gather, stories are told, food is shared and celebrations given. It is the comfort zone and creative hub for wild parties.

We think of Neptune kitchens as being pieces of hand crafted furniture that are fitted together to make your unique kitchen layout. Each cabinet that arrives at your house is a fully assembled piece of furniture that has been hand painted, in its construction only solid hardwood and marine ply is used, the use of dovetailed, mortise and tenon joints are employed and all fittings are exceptional in their quality.

All of the Neptune kitchens are designed and crafted with a lot of care and great amounts of attention to detail.

We welcome customers to visit us and inspect the Neptune kitchens we have on display for themselves.



Solid Wood | Hand painted | Classic & Contemporary

This spring sees an update to Suffolk. Nothing too radical, but rather building on its strong foundations. Neptune have pared it back even more so it’s minimal the whole way through – as Shaker designs should be. They have also updated its colour palette to make it a little less country, and more of a blank but beautiful canvas.



Solid wood | Hand painted | Country & Traditional

The first of Neptune kitchens the Chichester range. It began as a few key pieces – a chopping block, a dresser and a table – and then it evolved. Chichester paved the way for what kitchens mean to us. It’s the one that the owners of Neptune, John and Emma have in their own home, and have done for 20 years and counting.



Solid Oak & Wood | Hand painted | Classic & Contemporary

A vision in oak. The Henley began as an all-drawer concept. Neptune wanted it to appear simple but think smart. Until very recently, the solid oak Henley kitchen occupied the realm of traditional country kitchen. Neptune looked at what worked and what didn’t and now, Henley translates at each end of the style spectrum, from classic to contemporary and everything in-between.



Solid Wood | Hand painted | Contemporary & Streamlined

Its aesthetic may be sleek and minimal, but Limehouse is Neptune's most technically advanced kitchen, taking 30 processes to complete a single door. It stands true to their DNA and uses only natural materials and traditional craftsmanship, and sleek as it is, the finish is still hand-painted and carries with it that beautifully tactile nature. It's contemporary in style and thought.