We supply, design and fit kitchens made by Neptune

Kitchens are so much more than a place to cook. They’re where families come to feast, forage and flop. Where we gather together at the beginning and the end of the day, catch up with our friends over coffee, chat with our children over homework, and enjoy the simple pleasures of a good meal shared. They really are the heartbeat of a home and that’s why we love designing them. And because your Neptune kitchen will last a lifetime, getting better with age, it can be moved around or customised to suit any stage in your life. A bespoke kitchen without the bespoke price tag.

All kitchens designed and installed by our dedicated team!

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Showroom - Neptune Suffolk Kitchen

Cubbington - Neptune Suffolk Kitchen

Neptune Suffolk Kitchen

Kenilworth - Neptune Suffolk/Chichester Kitchen

Neptune Henley Kitchen

Neptune Suffolk Kitchen

Earl Shilton - Neptune Suffolk Kitchen

Showroom - Neptune Henley Kitchen

Lyddington - Neptune Chichester Kitchen

Neptune Henley Painted Kitchen

Neptune Chichester Kitchen

Sutton Cheney - Neptune Suffolk Kitchen